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Winter is here.. a good time to get those personal items for your or for your horse monogrammed!

Winter is here.. a good time to get those personal items for your or for your horse monogrammed!.


So where are the HOT deals for all horse people???

hotdeals In our Face Book Group (Delmarva Hay and Feed Group),  we                  asked our followers…..Where do you go to get the “Hot” deals???  Some people commented that a lot of deals come from Face Book pages and groups…one young man said he was able to buy someone’s tack room for $450… in that tack room was a nice saddle that he then sold for $450…not only did he get his money back but he was able to use all of the tack inside! Now… that is a good deal!!! So we’re wondering…. what are some of your “hot” deals??????

Where is the best place to get round bales (Hay) on Delmarva?

Who on Delmarva has round bales of hay available? 

   Recently, while keeping an eye on some of  Face Books busy group pages,  (Eastern Shore Horse Network) for example I was seeing this post continuously… so with the help of some posters, I was able to nail down a few distributors…. The first one was:

 Parker Plant Depot: located in Pittsville, Md. Ask for Tom at 410- 726- 2887 for price and delivery options. 

Frank Chick Jr from Chicks posted : “We have horse quality round bales for $58 at Chicks in Harrington DE. Give us a call 302-270-4432. Delivery Available!!!”

Paul Rineholt  ……. posted: “I have round bails. There mostly grass hay. They sat out over winter but still in good shape. 30 bucks a bail. Can be used for horses but best for cows. But must be picked up. Private message would be preferred if need for more info. Located in Cambridge MD on Palmer Farms “

My suggestion is you never know what quality you will find at public auctions! Why not try Randy Ridgely Auctions, held at his farm Wicked R in Camden, Wyoming.  His next auction will be May 31. 

If there is a favorite place that you like to purchase your round bales of hay from please share your info here!  As Always we would love to hear your comments!