Do you prefer to stall your horse or turn him out?

Stacy Westfall Horseblog

“Hi Stacy, I am enjoying your blog. I am currently using many of your ideas with my two year old filly. I want to know if you prefer to stall your two year olds or leave them turned out ?” Thanks, Laurie

I love turning my horses out as much as possible. With my own personal two year olds sometimes I have gone out to the pasture, caught them, brought them in, rode them and then turn them back out. At other times I have kept them in stalls, especially if it was muddy or icy. For client owned horses I have almost always kept them in stalls.

At some point I do like the horses to learn how to be comfortable in a stall, which may or may not be during the saddle training process. Most horses that are sent to trainers learn both at the same time because most…

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