Top 10 Ways to Be A Star (Horse Riding) Student

Excellent insight on tips for a rider who takes lessons! Enjoy!

Horse Listening

We learn so much from horses We learn so much from horses

You’ve booked your lesson.

You’ve paid your money (or will right after the lesson).

You’re taking the time and you’ve spent effort getting your horse ready.

So now you THINK you’re ready for the lesson. But think again.

Being a star student in horseback riding is an art to itself. Aside from the many variables (like the weather, distractions, mood of your horse) that might play into your lesson, there are many other factors that are critical to making the ride enjoyable and useful for you, your horse, and yes, even your instructor!

For there is no greater pleasure than the one AFTER your lesson, when you can bask in the glow of hard-earned sweat, and reflect longingly on all the feels, aids and balancing that you will try to emulate without your instructor’s presence over the next week.

In the meantime, take a look-see…

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